samedi 7 mai 2011

QUIZZ : What kind of sexy woman will you magically transform into?

Go here, and send me your results.

My result : Sexy Asian Slut

The magician has transformed you into a sexy asian slut. You could care less about being smart or stupid or whatever. You just want sex because you know you are a sexy little slut. Forget being a model, you want to do porn

Sedra result : Sexy White Woman

The magician has transformed you into a regular sexy white woman. You should be a model.

Sara result : Smart & Sexy Asian Woman

The magician has transformed you into a smart and sexy asian woman. Will it be because of your looks or your brains that make you become successful? Nothing is stopping you from doing some modeling though.

3 commentaires:

  1. well here is my resault..........My Result: Sexy White Woman lol go figure :P

  2. Smart & Sexy Asian Woman for me

    Love, Sarah ;)

  3. Thanks a lot Sedra and Sara for you participation, look everybody can see your new form.